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Salvage competition to encourage reuse design

Posted on | By Shirley Kay
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Louisiana, USA - A competition to design furniture, lighting or functional art from salvage is being run by The Green Project. The aim is to courage creative reuse while also raising money with a gala and auction event.

The winner of 'Best in Show' will receive $1,000. Ninety percent of the design must be made of reclaimed materials. Entry is limited to participants in the Louisiana and Gulf Coast area and application is by September 30th, 2018. All entries will be judged on craftsmanship, use of salvaged materials, function, design innovation, aesthetics and proportions. Those tempted to enter can find supplies at The Green Project's architectural salvage store.

This competition although not open to other areas will hopefully be an inspiration for other areas and even to other countries. Until Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had been slow to follow a greener path and reuse high quality old materials and treasures from the past. Josh -Gupta from The Green Project feels that it began an important shift towards reuse.

In a previous year, Vivian Cahn won an award for her salvage design. She made a table made from stair stringers and even used old nails. Cahn states the competition teaches that reuse is even more important than recycling. She compares it to throwing a pebble into water and the ripples you get from it. She hopes that reuse design 'will catch on in every city.'

To enter or for more inspiration to start your own reuse competition see the Waste 360 link below. Find The Green Project on the SalvoWEB Salvo US architectural salvage directory.

Images show items already designed and professionally recrafted with reclaimed materials and architectural salvage. To see more reclaimed recrafted and upcycled items click the SalvoWEB link.

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