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Westland London heritage quiz featured in The Sun

Posted on | By Thornton Kay
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London East, UK - The Sun did not seem an obvious place to find the UK's most prestigious architectural antiques business launching a heritage quiz, but on 21st June Westland London did just that.

The Sun proclaimed, 'PROUD BRIT? Can you identify UK’s top landmarks? Take a quiz to see if you beat most Brits. The test features everything from statues to buildings and castles in Britain - and users have to either guess the name or where it would be found. ARE you a proud Brit? How well do you reckon you know your own country? Probably not that well if the UK-wide results of this new quiz are anything to go by... Westland London has created a test to see how well we recognise some of Britain's top landmarks.'

The average score of 2,000 people who took part was 44.5 per cent. The list includes a famous statue, old buildings and castles.

Comments included:

"People are more interested about Love Island updates than their own cultural background... Every country the same : Media heads the public attention far away from interesting cultural questions"

"Got 70% - Should have done better"

"Roll on Brexit........."

"Not bad, 40% and I've never even been to Britain.Also why does the statue have a traffic cone on his head?"

"I may be a lefty snowflake and I got 'em all right .That makes me a proud Brit."

"Loved this - more please. We sure have a very beautiful country. Amen."

Phworr. Well done Westland, that's what we say!!

The Sun: PROUD BRIT? Can you identify UK’s top landmarks?
Westland London

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