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SalvoEmail alerts of For Sale and Wanted adverts

Posted on | By Thornton Kay
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London West, UK - How can you get free SalvoEmail alerts of the latest Wanted and For Sale adverts on SalvoWEB delivered to your mailbox?

Here's how:

Sign in or create (Sign up) a user account, open the admin or control panel, select SalvoEmails and choose any or all of the four categories of alert you would like to receive. To register for a user account please choose the correct user type: private, business or professional, dealer etc (see more below under 'User Types').

To unsubscribe you simply select SalvoEMAILS on the admin panel and click the 'unsubscribe' buttons.

The screenshots show the sequence to follow for desktops with wide browser windows, or for devices such as smartphones with narrow browser windows. Your computer or device screen may look different. Responsive websites are good because they adjust to fit one of more than 40 different device browser windows.

User Types

A private user can only use SalvoWEB for personal use - for example, for their own home or garden project. Dealers cannot register as private users.

A business or professional must add their full business details. A business or professional user is anyone who uses SalvoWEB as part of their job, but who is not a dealer in antiques, nor reclaimed or salvaged materials.

A UK dealer in antique, reclaimed or salvaged items must pay a one-off £42 inc vat joining fee to create a listing on the Salvo Directory. A dealer from outside the UK is not required to pay this fee.

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