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Mindfulness exercises to get us beyond the "salvaged look”

Posted on | By Sara Morel
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London West, UK - Mindfulness is not about religion, you need not meditate, it is simply the act of appreciating the present moment.

A more mindful approach to life can help us overcome stress. Heightened awareness can also encourage us to appreciate salvage for its authenticity, rather than just the aesthetic it has come to be associated with. Using salvaged and reclaimed materials can be your fastest route to a trend of the present moment, but it also allows you to preserve history and let the unique story of an item live on.

We live in a throw away society where autopilot living directs us towards the new. These mindfulness exercises can cultivate more awareness for everyday objects and an understanding that salvage can suit anyone renovating a home, whether it be rustic or polished. Reclaimed interiors are a lifestyle, not a look.

Take a routine action and experience it.

We open and close doors all day long without fully comprehending where they could lead us. Next time you open a door be mindful of how you feel in that moment, what you are feeling, whether it is the cold push plate or a handle. If this sounds silly, do not slam your door in my face just yet, think about how your mood at any given moment can completely change the way you carryout this routine action. Being more aware of everyday actions and how we experience them - both physically and mentally can change the way we act out our day. This can give us perspective to feel more content and appreciate the materials in our environment.

Put it in neutral.

Do not let the look of your local coffee shop design your impression of salvage. Try not to judge a piece by its surroundings, or confine it to its original purpose as using something in a new way can create a whole new world of unique design and reuse possibilities. Here mindfulness really comes into play for appreciating an object in its own right and how it functioned or could function for you. Slow the mind, and actually look.

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