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Reclaimed lumber tiny home stars in Grace and Frankie

Posted on | By Shirley Kay
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California, USA - Devorah Herbert feels that authenticity in the materials translates into authenticity for the characters in a television drama. So Devorah designs by using real materials, and things from people’s real lives. She is the production designer for the popular Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. The characters, Grace and Frankie's lives were turned upside down in series one, when their husbands, Robert and Sol announce they are in love and are leaving them. The two women, who never really liked each other, eventually begin to bond when they end up having to live together in a shared beach house.

Another house featured in the series is the tiny home of Coyote, son of Frankie and Sol played by Ethan Embry. Tiny houses are currently a popular trend, particularly in the USA and have often featured in reality television. The comedy drama, Grace and Frankie, introduced Coyote’s tiny house in series three. The tiny house actually belonged to Gale Tattersall the cinematographer, who had just purchased a tiny house in Colorado. He kindly brought it to the set where experience could be gained of tiny living while they designed the tiny home. Reclaimed lumber was used from a local yard to make items like the kitchen cabinets. The old wood combines well with some beautiful, old Navajo blankets made into cushions for his single couch bed. Coyote's house design really does shows the characters warmth.

Now on to Series four, episode nine, uses the limited space of the tiny house for comedy. Coyote finally gets close up with his girl friend while cooking dinner in his tiny home but amusingly they finally 'get it together' outside where they have more room.

In real life tiny living has for some provided lifestyle freedom. It can be more easily mobile, eco friendly, minimalist and mortgage free. Discover more fascinating facts about Tiny Living from a previous SalvoWEB SalvoNEWS story at the link below. Image ©The Tiny Life blog which is a great resource on how to live the tiny life dream.

See the link for more details about the Grace and Frankie series set designs from the Deadline blog interview with Devorah Herbert including the new house designed for Robert and Sol.

Screenshots from episode nine show Coyote's tiny house with reclaimed wood. Grace and Frankie series one to four is currently available to view on Netflix, see www.netflix.com.

Deadline.com: Production Designer Devorah Herbert’s Designs On ‘Grace And Frankie’ And A New House For Sol And Robert.
SalvoWEB SalvoNEWS story: The Tiny Life tells the tiny house movement like it is

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