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The house Diane Keaton built from reclaimed brick

Posted on | By Shirley Kay
1514980170Reclaimed bricks 1.JPG 1514980179Industrial light 2.jpg 1514980182Industrial base 3.jpg 1514980192Industrial table 4.jpg 1514980195Reclaimed brick 5.jpg 1514980201Yellow Bricks 6..jpg 1514980205Industrial-shades-7.jpg 1514980208Brick tile.jpg
California, USA - Diane Keaton's latest house is built with old bricks reclaimed from Chicago. She goes onto describe the 750,000 pieces of clay as her favourite part of the house and how she fell in love with the bricks. In an interview with Carson Griffith, Architectural Digest, Diane reveals, 'I started to really love the brick and the textures of it, and, well, I don't know, how they weren't perfect.'

Diane's favourite room is the industrial style kitchen with the eighteenth century old brick exposed and reclaimed wood beams. The magical light comes from reclaimed industrial lighting and the huge industrial windows.

Diane Keaton is well known for her renovation projects of old properties but has found this project using old bricks with their unique original texture is one she would do again.

There is a huge environmental benefit of reusing bricks too. Thornton Kay, Salvo compares the manufacture of ten new bricks to the energy equivalent of a gallon of petrol. Yet millions of old bricks continue to be crushed rather than reused.

The Los Angeles home was designed with the help of architect David Takacs and designers Stephen Shadley, Cynthia Carlson and Toben Windahl. Inspiration for the bricks came from fond memories of the child's tale of 'Three Little Pigs'. In the story the house made from bricks is the one safe from the wolf. In real life, Diane's house has been designed to be both earthquake resistant and fireproof. Other design ideas house came from Pinterest and all is now revealed in a book, The House That Pinterest Built. Photographed by Lisa Romerein. Published by Rizzoli.

See the links below to Architectural Digest and Rizzoli for more images of Diane Keaton's house and details about the book. Diane Keaton will also be discussing he love affair with home and design at the World Trade Center, Dallas on January 18th, 2018. See details here: dallasmarketcenter.com

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Architectural Digest: Diane Keaton Tells Us About Her New Book: The House That Pinterest Built.
Publisher: Rizzoli - The House that Pinterest Built by Diane Keaton

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