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Revolving summerhouse revival in Hereford

Posted on | By Thornton Kay
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Hereford & Worcs, UK - Warehouse 701 (formerly Wye Valley Reclamation) spent 240 hours reviving a Boulton & Paul summerhouse from the 'ground up' using around 950 traditional square nails and a load of wood. The company has added the entire renovation story to its August news blog.

The riveting tale explains that key elements of the summer house remained when it was salvaged from behind some outbuildings in Lea, Ross-On-Wye. The original folding doors, the front elevation, the iron chassis wheels and track were all repaired, refurbished and reused. The timber floor and windows were too far gone to salvage but they were ideal to use as patterns to craft exact replicas.

On completion it was given a coat of sea grass paint and now, with its rebuilt and greased iron roller wheels, a light push in either direction allows the summerhouse to revolve smoothly on its iron tracks so that it can face the sun or the shade.

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Warehouse 701 is a Salvo Code business

Notes from SalvoNEWS:
The timber used by Boulton & Paul in 1897 was described as 'selected Canadian Red Deal'. This was <i>Pinus sylvestris</i> aka Scots Pine, with a growth range larger than that of any other pine. It occurs from Scotland to the Pacific Coast of Siberia, from Norway to Spain, and from Arctic Siberia to Mongolia. It is also a naturalised species in localized areas in southeastern Canada and northeastern United States, from New England to Iowa. After manufacture into a summerhouse the wood was 'painted four times' by B&P
[TKay, SalvoNEWS 128 Friday 3 May 1996

Warehouse 701: The Rebuild: Boulton & Paul Summerhouse
Warehouse 701: Boulton & Paul Revolving Summer House

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