Truly Reclaimed Wood

Posted on | By Thornton Kay
Kent, UK
Salvo has teamed up with BRE Ltd in a six month feasibility project aimed at promoting the reuse of reclaimed wood over the use of new wood which has been distressed to look like reclaimed wood. This forms part of Innovate UK's investment into feasibility studies on the business case for retaining value through reuse, remanufacture, leasing or maintenance.
Over the years there has been a shift away from using genuine reclaimed wood and this has led to much less wood being reused in the UK. This feasibility study will consider whether a scheme which promotes the use of genuine reclaimed wood could provide a market driver to encourage the demolition sector to salvage more old reusable wood. Without a strong reuse market, these potentially high value materials may follow lower value routes, such as being recycled into MDF and other wood based panel products, burnt for energy, or otherwise composted, mulched or landfilled.
The project has the working title 'Truly Reclaimed Wood' and will involve market research to assess whether a trade mark of some kind could encourage more old wood to be saved and reused, particularly for use in interiors of hotels, pubs, restaurants and shops in the UK. The scope will include scrap wood, reclaimed flooring and beams, architectural woodwork, decorative wood antiques, and new items made from reclaimed wood.
If you are a discerning hotel guest, pub, restaurant or fashion shop customer, or a dealer, designer, specifier, craftsperson or builder and are interested to know more about, and possibly contribute to, the Truly Reclaimed Wood project please email Salvo.
2021 Update:
BRE has since discontinued this project.
But Salvo is now working with EU partner Rotor on the FCRBE project to increase the reuse of relciemd building materials so you can still email Salvo re: Truly Reclaimed.

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