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Norfolk Reclaim (Fakenham)

Helhoughton Road, , Hempton

Fakenham NR21 7DY

UK > Norfolk

01328 864743 / 855321



Norfolk Reclaim incorporating Bakers Timber has a broad selection of reclaimed building materials and architectural salvage, ranging from bricks and pantiles to green and seasoned oak beams, doors, cast iron fireplaces, sanitary ware and ironmongery. The vast range of original, period and reproduction building materials turns around quickly, so if they don't have what you are looking for then they are also happy to source materials.

Norfolk Reclaim has a particular passion for timber, which is how it all began 15 years ago. You will find a unique range of flooring located throughout the yard, which ranges from Victorian and Georgian floorboards to solid oak boards cut from 100 year old Oak trees.

In the interiors showroom you'll find a browsable range of vintage, antique and restored furniture as well as industrial lighting.

Regular stocks

Architectural Antiques

Bathrooms Bygones Doors Fireplaces Furniture Garden Kitchen Lighting Staircases Statuary Windows

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Metal Architectural Stone Architectural Wood

Reclaimed Building Materials

Reclaimed Beams + Timber includes

Broken Roof Trusses Elm Beams Greenheart Beams Oak Beams & Joists Oak Rafters Pine Beams & Joists Pine Rafters Pine Studs Railway Sleepers

Reclaimed Bricks includes

2 inch Tudor 21/4 inch Red Flared Headers Flettons Gault Yellows Glass Bricks Norfolk Reds Suffolk Reds Suffolk White

Reclaimed Flags, Floor Tiles & Setts includes

Concrete Flags York Stone Flags Brick Pavers Floor Tiles Geometric Tiles Hexagon Tiles Pamments Stable Diamond Pavers Stable Block Pavers Cobblestones Grey Granite Setts York Stone Setts

Reclaimed Flooring includes

Reclaimed Roof Tiles & Slates includes

Peg & Plain Tiles handmade pegs Peg & Plain Tiles machine made Pantiles handmade Pantiles machine made Single Romans Regular Double Romans regular handmade Concrete tiles Tiles inset glass panes Clay Ridge Cast Iron Gutter Cast Iron Hoppers Cast Iron Downpipe Penrhyn Slate Slate Welsh Grey Welsh Purple Slate
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