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Antique Buildings Ltd

Alfold Road, Dunsfold

Godalming GU8 4NP

UK > Surrey

01483 200477



Antique Buildings Ltd is an award winning planning and architectural consultancy, celebrated for its commitment to conservation and design. The salvage yard at Antique Buildings carries an immense stock of ancient oak beams - protected from the weather in their 100ft by 50ft storage barn. Wide oak floorboards (suitable for laying over underfloor heating) are a particular speciality - whole floors, laid in the various re-erected buildings, are open for viewing. The salvage yard also offers diverse stocks of handmade bricks, roof and floor tiles, stone paving and unusual heritage items.

The company's name 'Antique Buildings Ltd' was chosen back in 1983 to reflect the company's specialisation in saving ancient timber framed buildings; there are always a number of complete ancient barn, cartshed and granary frames in stock ready for re-erection. The frames have been drawn, photographed and numbered before being carefully dismantled for re-erection. Should you need help with design or re-erection. Managing Director, Peter Barker, works on the ethos that there is a use for everything - visitors will leave with inspiration from examples of innovative reuse.

Regular stocks

Architectural Antiques

Doors Fireplaces Garden

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Stone Architectural Wood

Reclaimed Building Materials

Reclaimed Beams + Timber includes

Broken Roof Trusses Chestnut Beams Elm Beams Oak Beams & Joists Oak Rafters Oak Studs Pine Beams & Joists Pine Rafters Pine Studs

Reclaimed Bricks includes

2 inch Tudor 21/4 inch Red Hampshire Bricks Kent Reds Sussex Brick

Reclaimed Flags, Floor Tiles & Setts includes

Horsham Flags York Stone Flags Brick Pavers Floor Tiles Pamments Stable Diamond Pavers Stable Block Pavers Cobblestones York Stone Setts

Reclaimed Flooring includes

Elm Floorboards Pine Floorboards Pine Block Oak Floorboards

Reclaimed Roof Tiles & Slates includes

Peg & Plain Tiles handmade pegs Peg & Plain Tiles machine made Peg & Plain Tiles club Peg & Plain Tiles fish scale Peg & Plain Tiles spade Peg & Plain Tiles ziggurat Tiles inset glass panes Clay Ridge Cast Iron Gutter Cast Iron Downpipe

Reclaimed Walling Stone includes

Bargate Horsham
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