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Antique Tables & Country Furniture

Grant Kilford Group T/A Antique Tables, Wharf Farm, Newbridge,, Wisborough Green, Billingshurst,

West Sussex RH14 0JG

UK > West Sussex




Every piece Antique Tables & Country Furniture sources is unique and antique. Often these tables have a fascinating back history. Antique French farmhouse tables, typically dating back to the first half of the 19th century, would have played an integral part in French family life at the time. Many of those that they come across, however, have been sadly neglected, left behind in an abandoned property or just stored away. Until now!

Antique Tables & Country Furniture evolved from the highly reputable G Kilford and Co antique furniture restoration business, founded in the 1980s, which remains as busy as ever restoring cherished pieces to British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) standards of workmanship.

Services using traditional methods and materials include:
Furniture Restoration, Traditional French Polishing, Hand Waxed Finishes, Bleaching, Lacquered Work and Repatination to antique furniture (Where the original finish has been lost for whatever reason i.e. previous bad restoration, water and fire damage, etc)

Also Gilding, Cabinet Making, Marquetry, Carving, Woodturning, Clock Repair Service, Decorative Paint Finish, Oil Finishing and Replacement of Handles and Fittings Service.

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