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D.J Giles Brick & Tile Merchant

The Sawmill 20-22 Mill Road

Stokenchurch HP14 3TT

UK > Buckinghamshire

01494 482396



Established in 1966 family run D.J. Giles specialises in both demolition and reclamation, their large three acre site houses supplies of both new and reclaimed traditional building materials. Salvaging as much material from their demolition works for resale, means they hold a varied range of stocks, with regular supplies of reclaimed bricks, roof tiles, and stone.

The demolition side of their business carries out many sized jobs, from small outbuildings and garages to large commercial buildings, throughout the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire area.

Regular stocks

Architectural Antiques

Bygones Doors Garden Statuary Windows

Modern Salvage

Salvaged Concrete Salvaged Modern Building Elements Salvaged Structural Steelwork

Reclaimed Building Materials

Reclaimed Beams + Timber includes

Railway Sleepers Elm Beams Oak Beams & Joists Pine Beams & Joists

Reclaimed Bricks includes

Dorset Red Flettons Gault Yellows Glass Bricks Hampshire Bricks London Multis London Reds London Yellows Oxford Reds Handmades Wirecuts 2 3/4 Inch Wirecuts Berkshire Reds Cambridge Whites Clamp Bricks Decorative Bricks Engineering Bricks Red Rubbers

Reclaimed Flags, Floor Tiles & Setts includes

Concrete Flags Marble Tiles Welsh Pennant York Stone Flags Brick Pavers Pamments Stable Block Pavers Black Granite Setts Blue Granite Setts Cobblestones Clay Floor Tiles Granite Cubes Quarry Tiles

Reclaimed Flooring includes

Mahogany Strip Maple Strip Pine Floorboards Oak Floorboards Pitch Pine Yellow Pine

Reclaimed Roof Tiles & Slates includes

Peg & Plain Tiles handmade pegs Peg & Plain Tiles machine made Peg & Plain Tiles club Peg & Plain Tiles fish scale Peg & Plain Tiles spade Peg & Plain Tiles sand-face Pantiles handmade Pantiles machine made Pantiles bold roll Single Romans Regular Single Romans bold Bambino Double Romans John Browne patent Double Romans wineglass Paragon Broomhall tapered Marseille Somerset 13 Somerset 13 central bar Somerset 13 acme Concrete tiles Tiles inset glass panes Stone Ridge Cast Iron Gutter Cast Iron Hoppers Cast Iron Downpipe Penrhyn Slate Slate Welsh Purple Slate Westmorland Slate Peg & Plain Tiles swallows Peg & Plain Tiles Keymer Clay Chimneypots Clay Angle Ridge Clay Half Round Ridge Hardrow Concrete Tiles

Reclaimed Walling Stone includes

Chalk or Clunch Cotswold Flint
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