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Reclaimed Ltd

Sewardstone Hall Farm, Sewardstone Road

Chingford E4 7RH

UK > London East

020 8529 8504



Specialising in reclaimed timber Reclaimed Ltd are joinery timber manufacturers and leading suppliers of reclaimed flooring and cladding in the UK. Offering an extensive selection of antique timbers; oak beams, old pine flooring, oak and hardwood flooring. All boards are denailed and graded for stock, flooring ranges from wide boards to complex hand crafted parquet de Chantilly panels made from antique oak boards. Bulk timbers such as French oak, thick roof boards and joists are re-sawn to provide boards of a usable thickness.

Regular stocks

Reclaimed Building Materials

Reclaimed Beams + Timber includes

Oak Beams & Joists Pine Beams & Joists

Reclaimed Flooring includes

Pine Floorboards Pine Block Oak Floorboards Oak Chevron Resawn Beams Teak Block Pitch Pine Parquet de Versaille Parquetry Oak Block Roof Boards
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