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Howard Gibbons

Exmead Stables, Exford

Minehead TA24 7PY

UK > Somerset

01643 831 307

07850 388 181



In 1993 they acquired a consignment of 100 tonnes of greenheart timber that was destined for landfill, and this struck the team as such a terrible waste that they have been trading in reclaimed timber ever since. Specialising in Greenheart, a very strong, hard-wearing marine hardwood typically used in projects where longevity and durability are of importance. It has inherent resistance to decay and as such does not require any chemical treatment.

Stocks are constantly changing, but they generally have beams of up to 13 metres in length available for immediate loading.

Regular stocks

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Wood

Reclaimed Building Materials

Reclaimed Beams + Timber includes

Greenheart Beams
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