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Traditional Oak and Timber Co

The Old Woodyard, Bluebell Business Estate

Sheffield Park TN22 3QH

UK > East Sussex

01825 723648



Founded in 1990 Traditional Oak & Timber Company supply reclaimed and air-dried oak beams for construction, renovation and bespoke furniture. Providing a full range of oak beam services from cladding steel RSJs to supply of aesthetic, non structural oak beam joists. As well as an oak framing service that can can build oak framed structures to your exact specification. Also offering good stocks of oak flooring, fireplace beams and oak mantels and solid oak doors from reclaimed or joinery oak

Regular stocks

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Wood

Reclaimed Building Materials

Reclaimed Beams + Timber includes

Oak Beams & Joists

Reclaimed Flooring includes

Oak Floorboards
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