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Wiggins Building Supplies Ltd

Poyle Road

Colnbrook SL3 0BL

UK > Berkshire

01753 683324


Established in 1957 Wiggins Building Supplies Ltd specialises in the supply of crushed concrete, hardcore and limestone aggregates to the construction industry. Operating from a 15 acre site Wiggins undertake the onsite production of recovered aggregates from unprocessed construction and demolition waste to produce certified aggregates to specification, as well as supplying a selection of reclaimed bricks, granite kerbs and sets, roofing tiles and slates, railway sleepers and a wide range of reclaimed paving concrete slabs as well as crazy paving, blocks and natural pavers.

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Modern Salvage

Salvaged Concrete

Reclaimed Building Materials

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Reclaimed Flags, Floor Tiles & Setts includes

Reclaimed Roof Tiles & Slates includes

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