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Oak Flooring

Wanting100 sq/mtr of this Oak Flooring size is 100 ml wide x 20 ml thick , must be reclaimed not new sawn timber. Thanks Call 07778058313

Tubular Framed Stacking Chairs

Hi, I am looking for some tubular framed stacking chairs. Im not worried about the condition of them. Please contact me if you have what I'm looking for! All the best James
  • ID: 15523
  • Location: UK > Bristol

Large Church Organ Pipe Surround

Looking for a pipe organ surround. Size around 3.5 to 5 metres wide and 3 to 4 metres high - doesn't need to work, it's just for show.
  • ID: 15522
  • Location: UK > Hereford & Worcs
  • Category: Shop, Pub, Church, Telephone Boxes & Bygones

Gothic Pulpit

Looking for an hourglass gothic pulpit in oak.
  • ID: 15521
  • Location: UK > Hereford & Worcs
  • Category: Shop, Pub, Church, Telephone Boxes & Bygones

Yorkstone Flags

Good quality yorkstone flags wanted.

Rhodesian Teak Block Flooring

Wanted reclaimed Rhodesian teak block flooring. I need 120m2, Can in 2 batches of 80 and 40. Please get in touch with Laurence Green 07780993773.

Large Piece Of York Stone

looking for a large piece of York sandstone paving around 6 x 4. Ideally cathedral stone.
  • ID: 15518
  • Location: UK > Cheshire

4,000No 65Mm Original Giscol Caradale Scotch Commons

Wanted: 4,000no 65mm original Giscol Caradale Scotch common bricks. Please contact Brickfind UK, 01527 540099 and 07860 230013 or email stringergordon@yahoo dot

Old Slate Flags

I require 45 sq metres of slate flags black, blue or green but not a mixture of colours.
  • ID: 15514
  • Location: UK > Cumbria

Two Doors

Two matching doors, mahogany or teak, preferably part glazed or an opening 900mm wide by 2100mm high
  • ID: 15513
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: DOORS & handles

Hand Held Floor Bumper

Wanted ... Bumpers! Once upon a time the military polished their floors with hand Bumpers these floor polishers became almost a thing of torture! Basically a broom handle bolted to a Cast iron base with a polishing base... Once moved...
  • ID: 15511
  • Location: UK > Norfolk
  • Category: FLOORING

Scottish Slates Wanted - Must Be In Good Conditon

Looking for good conditon Scottish slates, maybe you are getting a new roof done and already have Scottish slates on there you would like disposed of. We would be happy to come and take them off your hands. The slates...
  • ID: 15509
  • Location: UK > Lothian
  • Category: ROOF SLATES & TILES

Church Window

Looking for large Church/Gothic stone window doesnt have to be complete as being used in a Garden Folly,would consider different styles of widows must be stone,please call Craig 07778058313
  • ID: 15510
  • Location: UK > South Yorkshire
  • Category: Shop, Pub, Church, Telephone Boxes & Bygones

Armitage Shanks Urinal

Looking for a Armitage Shanks Urinal to match the one in the photo. Size 410mm x 505mm For a site in London
  • ID: 15508
  • Location: UK > Cheshire
  • Category: BATHROOM & accessories

Wanted - Replacement Lead Lion Recently Stolen

We are looking to replace a lead lion that was recently stolen from our site. It is a lion by john Knost and was manufactured in circa 1720 with a matching Griffin. We are looking for the lion only but...

John Bolding New Pillar W/c Pans

These are original Edwardian W/C Pans made by John Bolding. May have logo on inside of W/C. The pedestal has a very distinctive clover leaf base. The waste outlet is generally made from lead. Needs to be in good condition.
  • ID: 15500
  • Location: UK > Kent
  • Category: BATHROOM & accessories

Carving Trolley

Silver and Wood domed meat carving trolley Doesn't matter if its broken or battered - that will add to its charm
  • ID: 15506
  • Location: UK > Cheshire
  • Category: KITCHEN & accessories

Lab Work Tops

we're looking for a few lab tops either iroko or teak, even with holes!
  • ID: 15505
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: Architectural WOODWORK & Panelling
Results 127 to 144 of 294 items found