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Lead Fountain Stolen

Stolen from near Guildford, Surrey, England on 10 October 2002. A lead FOUNTAIN, two tiered with scalloped basins, the base triform with three dolphins supprting the lower bowl, three putti walking clockwise around the rim of the lower bowl supporting...
  • ID: 15752
  • Location: UK > Surrey
  • Category: GARDEN

Seven Matching Urns Stolen

Stolen from Keswick, Cumbria, England in July 2002. Seven matching urns, believed to be early 19th century, composition, terracotta or stone, with gadrooned or lobed body, frieze of fruiting vines, everted rim, on rising circular foot and square base, with...
  • ID: 15751
  • Location: UK > Cumbria
  • Category: GARDEN

Medieval Spandrels Or Bosses

Stolen from Somerset, England on 8 August 2002 Item One: A carved stone with curled tendril design in high relief. Approx. 30 x 40 x 10 cm Item Two: A carved stone with scrolling foliage. Approx 25 x 30 cm

Bird Baths, Planters And Statuary

Stolen from Settle, North Yorkshire, England on 26 June 2002. THREE ITEMS. ITEM ONE: Two identical lead BIRD BATHS of a putto holding a shallow bath with a dove cast on to the rim, on circular bases mounted on pedestals...

Stolen Monumental Brass Effigy

Stolen from Swainswick, Somerset, England in July 2002. A very old monumental brass effigy of EDMUNDE FFORDE, died 1439, depicting a man praying with short hair, loose tunic with high collar, baggy sleeves, sword in a scabbard on his left...
  • ID: 15745
  • Location: UK > Somerset

Bristol Pennant Pavement Flagstone Thefts

Stolen from streets in Bristol, England a number of times, typically on 16 May 2002. Quantities of Bristol Pennant FLAGSTONES from the streets of Bristol, red and grey sandstone, usually small course sizes, often by two white males in stolen...
  • ID: 15746
  • Location: UK > Bristol

Horned Devil Pig Beast With Handbag

Seized in Yeovil, Somerset, England before 23 August 2002. A sandstone coloured concrete DEVIL, with bag strapped over his left shoulder, resting on a shield with two crescents and a six-pointed star relief, with four-toe clawed feet, approx 2ft high,...
  • ID: 15747
  • Location: UK > Somerset
  • Category: STATUARY

Pineapple Finial

Stolen from Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England on 27 July 2002. One old stone pineapple FINIAL from a set of four, taken with plinth, as shown in picture, size unknown (photo shows matching finials).
  • ID: 15748
  • Location: UK > Gloucestershire
  • Category: Architectural STONE & TERRACOTTA

Lead Figure Of A Young Girl

Stolen from Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, England before 2 August 2002. A lead figure of a YOUNG GIRL hair in a bob holding a bowl in left hand with right hand raised to the mouth, standing by a tree...

Pair Of Stone Or Concrete Lions

Stolen from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England on 18 June 2002. A pair of stone or composition stone LIONS painted black, 4ft 10ins tall, c1890.

Incised Brass Effigy Of A Medieval Lady

Stolen from Somerset, England, on 30 June 2002. A 15th century flat brass plate incised grave monument depicting a LADY in medieval costume and head dress with a DOG wearing a collar of bells by her feet, approx 38ins by...
  • ID: 15741
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: Shop, Pub, Church, Telephone Boxes & Bygones

Two Old Stone Sculptures Stolen

Stolen from Somerset, England on 12 June 2002. ITEM 1: 13th century carved stone tomb effigy of a KNIGHT'S FOOT ON A DOG, the foot clad in chain mail bearing a spur strap with carved buckle, with lichen. ITEM 2:...
  • ID: 15737
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: STATUARY

Five Chinese Tomb Figures

Stolen from Somerset, England on 11 May 2002. Five Chinese standing terracotta tomb FIGURES dating from the Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD), approx 15ins to 18ins high, each boxed in green/yellow boxes with gold satin covered foam shaped...
  • ID: 15738
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: STATUARY

Oak Flooring Obtained By Deception

Stolen from near Spalding, Lincolnshire, England on 8 June 2002. 470sqm of FRENCH OAK boards, in packs with spacers, approx lengths 3m, width 150mm, and 24mm thick, freshly sawn on one face only but not prefinished or straight edged, qood...


Stolen from Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, England on 2 June 2002. The five foot high stone column rests on a circular base, and has a square top inscribed on the four sides: CW, JD, SC and 1772. It would originally have...

Coalbrookdale 'rustic' Cast Iron Garden Seat

Stolen from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England on 9 May 2002. A white-painted cast iron GARDEN SEAT, known as a 'Coalbrookdale No18 Rustic', with an unusual barleytwist stretcher joining the bench ends together below the seat, the rearmost wooden seat slat...

Pair Of Large Composition Stone Lidded Urns

Stolen from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England on 23 May 2002. Pair of identical composition stone lidded urns, the body decorated with floral swags, acanthus leaves and two grotesque mask handles on a rising spiral-fluted circular foot on square base, approx...

Stolen Bedroom Fireplace Insert

Stolen from Somerset, England, on 30 April 2002. A narrow Victorian cast iron arched register grate insert with fret and register, partly painted light green, approx. 36ins high by 24ins wide.
  • ID: 15732
  • Location: UK > Bristol
Results 19 to 36 of 96 items found