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Red Victorian Postbox - Police Contact 01986 835300 Halesworth

Red Victorian Postbox
  • ID: 19409
  • Location: UK > Suffolk
  • Category: Architectural METALWORK
  • 9 Jan 2014

Coping Stones Early Victorian (Approx 80)

Approximately 80 buff coloured early Victorian coping stones have been removed from the boundary wall of a property in South West Suffolk between 19th/20th December 2005. There are pictures of the stones left behind , as can be seen these...
  • ID: 19340
  • Location: UK > Suffolk
  • Category: Architectural STONE & TERRACOTTA

Wall Gas Lamps,depicting Winged Angelic Females

A pair of metal wall mounted gas wall lamps (bronze coloured) in the form of winged females, were removed from an unoccupied property in Newmarket Suffolk between the 4.11 & 7.11.05 ( see photographs) If you have any information regarding...
  • ID: 19334
  • Location: UK > Suffolk
  • Category: LIGHTING

Cast Iron Boot Scraper ( Rearing Goat)

This item was stolen from the grounds of a substantial property in East Suffolk during the evening of the 10th June 2005. A hollow cast iron boot/shoe scraper in the form of a goat rearing up onto a fall of...
  • ID: 19335
  • Location: UK > Suffolk
  • Category: GARDEN

Statue Of Female Holding A Large Bird

Carved figure of a seated female holding a large bird to her lap , was stolen from a grave headstone in Burgh Suffolk overnight 30/31 July 2004. This carving is well weathered and was completed by the son (now deceased...
  • ID: 19316
  • Location: UK > Suffolk
  • Category: GARDEN

60No Half Round Coping Bricks

Stolen from Lowestoft, Suffolk, England on 18 April 2003. Approx 60no semi-circular half round red wall COPING BRICKS. NOTE: Two men were seen removing and cleaning the coping bricks, and putting them into a white Ford van reg no H246...
  • ID: 19280
  • Location: UK > Suffolk
  • Category: BRICKS
  • 28 Apr 2003
Results 1 to 6 of 6 items found