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Figure Of The Young Pan Or A Satyr Stolen From Henley

A horned figure of the young Pan or a satyr with bare human upper body and shaggy fur goat legs with cloven feet was stolen from a Henley garden around 14 December 2017 Contact Thames Valley Police telephone 101 quoting...

Stonesfield Roof Slates

stolen overnight 19-20/05/10. 200 Stonesfield roof slates (25ft x 5ft area of roof slates) have been stolen that are approximately 300 years old.
  • ID: 19383
  • Location: UK > Oxfordshire
  • Category: ROOF SLATES & TILES
  • 24 May 2010

Bust Of A Man

The bust was stolen between 11th and 18th January. It is described in the inventory as 'Bust of a Man. C.F. Fuller 1864, marble, H22 1/2'. Wears a jacket and knotted scarf, short curly hair with wavy ends, moustache and...
  • ID: 19375
  • Location: UK > Oxfordshire
  • Category: Architectural STONE & TERRACOTTA
  • 25 Jan 2010

Three Sets Of Gates

Three sets of gates from three separate addresses were stolen overnight between 2230hrs Friday 6th and 0145hrs Sat 7th March 2009. From three different properties all in Boars Hill on the outskirts of Oxford City.
  • ID: 19367
  • Location: UK > Oxfordshire
  • Category: Architectural WOODWORK & Panelling
Results 1 to 4 of 4 items found