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Pair Of Carved Sphinx

Stolen from Caterham, Surrey, England on 25 January 2003. A pair of carved stone or marble SPHINX, approx 37ins long by 10.5ins wide by 20ins high. Photos: The main recent photo shows the weathered head of one of the sphinx,...
  • ID: 15669
  • Location: UK > Surrey
  • Category: STATUARY

Relief Of The Ascension

Stolen from Wells, Somerset, England on 15 December 2002. Alabaster RELIEF of figures praying and looking skywards, with angels above, depicting the Ascension of Christ, with Mary and eleven Apostles, Christ's feet are shown beneath the clouds, approx 40cm by...
  • ID: 15667
  • Location: UK > Somerset
  • Category: STATUARY

Two Long Legged Birds And A Girl

Stolen from Saffron Walden, Essex, England on 4 December 2002. Two old composition stone or carved stone long-legged wading BIRDS (one crane, one peacock, or similar) lifesize, on naturalistic bases. Also stolen was a more recent figure of a scantily...
  • ID: 15740
  • Location: UK > Essex
  • Category: STATUARY


Stolen from Bridgwater, Somerset, England on 2 November 2002. Ornamental eagle finial, possibly dark red in colour, approx 24ins high and 15ins wide, believed to have been specially commissioned and unique.
  • ID: 15763
  • Location: UK > Somerset
  • Category: STATUARY

Village War Memorial Crucifix Stolen

Stolen from Earls Croome, Worcestershire, England on 21 August 2002. The wooden cross with the figure of Christ replaced five years ago, and again, the figure of Christ was replaced about two years ago. The figure is made from resin,...

A Pair Of Weathered Eagles

Stolen from Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England on 11 October 2002. A pair of eagles (possibly composition stone by Austin and Sealey) approx 38ins high, stone grey colour with some lichen RECOVERED

Italian Carved Marble Lion On A Shaft

Stolen from Ossett, West Yorkshire, England on 10 August 2002. Approx 10ft high shaft with carved foliate relief, Borromini-style capital, with a seated Italian-style lion on top.

Two Torso, Stone And Marble

Stolen from Ossett, West Yorkshire, England on or after 30 August 2002. TWO ITEMS: Item ONE - a carved stone figure, c1977, approx 5ft 6ins high. Item TWO: A carved white marble torso, c1928, approx 2ft 6ins high.

Horned Devil Pig Beast With Handbag

Seized in Yeovil, Somerset, England before 23 August 2002. A sandstone coloured concrete DEVIL, with bag strapped over his left shoulder, resting on a shield with two crescents and a six-pointed star relief, with four-toe clawed feet, approx 2ft high,...
  • ID: 15747
  • Location: UK > Somerset
  • Category: STATUARY

Lead Figure Of A Young Girl

Stolen from Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, England before 2 August 2002. A lead figure of a YOUNG GIRL hair in a bob holding a bowl in left hand with right hand raised to the mouth, standing by a tree...

Pair Of Stone Or Concrete Lions

Stolen from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England on 18 June 2002. A pair of stone or composition stone LIONS painted black, 4ft 10ins tall, c1890.

Two Old Stone Sculptures Stolen

Stolen from Somerset, England on 12 June 2002. ITEM 1: 13th century carved stone tomb effigy of a KNIGHT'S FOOT ON A DOG, the foot clad in chain mail bearing a spur strap with carved buckle, with lichen. ITEM 2:...
  • ID: 15737
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: STATUARY

Five Chinese Tomb Figures

Stolen from Somerset, England on 11 May 2002. Five Chinese standing terracotta tomb FIGURES dating from the Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD), approx 15ins to 18ins high, each boxed in green/yellow boxes with gold satin covered foam shaped...
  • ID: 15738
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: STATUARY

Bronze Sculpture Of Two Playful Labradors

Stolen from Ilminster, Somerset, England on 7 March 2002. Bronze sculpture of TWO LABRADOR DOGS, life size, playing in water, patina mid-brown, smooth finish to dogs' bodies, rough otherwise, hollow support. Approximately 131cms high by 127cms wide by 97cms deep....
  • ID: 15726
  • Location: UK > Somerset
  • Category: STATUARY

Marble Figure Of Scantily-Clad Young Female

Stolen from London, England, on 23 February 2002. A French belle epoque statuary marble figure of a scantily-clad young woman, with roses on the base and a bird perched on her right hand, possibly emblematic of spring or summer, signed...


Carved stone heraldic LION with cross on shield on a square stone PLINTH around 5ft tall Stolen from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England on 20 November 2001


Lead SHEPHERDESS in the style of John van Nost, 18th century dress, approx 61ins high by 22ins wide by 15ins deep, the crook is missing. Stolen from Fyfield, Oxfordshire, England on 28 January 2002
  • ID: 15724
  • Location: UK > Berkshire
  • Category: STATUARY


Pair of stone LIONS on bases, Alfred Stevens style, big faces and manes sat like a cat with four feet showing and tail curled round, painted in emulsion Cotswold stone colour, 15 years old, 40-50lbs Stolen from North Somerset, England...
  • ID: 15719
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: STATUARY
Results 1 to 18 of 38 items found