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Class 55 Deltic 55009 Spanner Mk II ‘Swirlyflo’ Boiler – 1494/J2950

£ 2,500

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Spanner Mk II ‘Swirlyflo’ Boiler – 1494/J2950 :

Removed from 55009 Alycidon after 30 years in preservation with The Deltic Preservation Society .The boiler is non- operational and missing some components however this is a very rare piece of Deltic memorabilia and a window into those early days between the 1960s and 80s when diesels used generated steam to heat their passenger carriages.

This particular boiler is a Spanner Mk II ‘Swirlyflo’Boiler – No. 1494/J2950 and according to the website for all things Deltic Chronicles of Napier this unit served as the boiler on 9 Deltic locomotives: 00/01/03/07/09/12/14/16/19 throughout its life.

Due to the weight 1.75 Tons this is a collection only item from Preston we can arrange assistance with loading. We can arrange for this to be delivered to your location for a fee please speak to us regarding this.

  • ID36099
  • Location: Lancashire > UK
  • Category: Innovative Reuse
  • Age: More than 50 years old
  • Dimensions: 150.00 cm. x 50.00 cm. x 2.00 cm.