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5 Panelled Door

Stolen from South Gloucestershire, UK. The date of theft was given as "Sometime early in 2004" 5-panelled door with carved top panel & dates from 17th Century. The hinges include one "H" hinge & one cockshead.

Stone Window, Bronze Children And More

Stolen from Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire, England on or after 14 November 2004. Item ONE: 4no Cotswold stone BALL finials. Item TWO: 3no complete STADDLE STONES with base and tops. Item THREE: 2no limestone TROUGHS. Item FOUR: modern BRONZE set...

Cast Iron Cannon

STOLEN from Bristol, UK between 06 Aug 04 - 29 Aug 04. A 17th Century cast iron cannon. Approx. 1.8 meters in length.
  • ID: 19323
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: Shop, Pub, Church, Telephone Boxes & Bygones

Four Stone Ball Finials

Stolen from Portesham, Dorset UK on 3 October 2004. Two pairs of BALL FINIALS, on unusual ogee socles and stepped plinths, one pair 18ins and the other 15ins square.
  • ID: 19320
  • Location: UK > Dorset
  • Category: Architectural STONE & TERRACOTTA

Sundial Stolen In Kent

Stolen from Tonbridge, Kent UK on 24 September 2004. A vertically mounted DEMI-LUNE SUNDIAL, with semicircular dial and copper or bronze gnomon, mounted on a square white stone or marble shaft on an octagonal column with decorative capital and square...
  • ID: 19319
  • Location: UK > Kent
  • Category: GARDEN

10Ft Wide Oak Gates

Stolen from Chesterton, Warwickshire, England on 15 August 2004.  The GATES are 10ft wide, dark oak with ten rounded top spindles on each gate. The gates curve along the top. The iron hinges reach from the first spindle to the...
  • ID: 19318
  • Location: UK > Warwickshire
  • Category: Architectural WOODWORK & Panelling

Two Decorative Terracotta Pier Caps

Stolen from Yatton, North Somerset, England on 19 July 2004. Two decorative terracotta PIER CAPS, beige coloured. Approx size at base 19ins square, height approx 24ins. RECOVERED
  • ID: 19317
  • Location: UK > Somerset
  • Category: Architectural STONE & TERRACOTTA

Statue Of Female Holding A Large Bird

Carved figure of a seated female holding a large bird to her lap , was stolen from a grave headstone in Burgh Suffolk overnight 30/31 July 2004. This carving is well weathered and was completed by the son (now deceased...
  • ID: 19316
  • Location: UK > Suffolk
  • Category: GARDEN

Stone Lion Head And Lead Boy With Fish

Stolen from Moreton In Marsh, Gloucestershire, England on 20 June 2004. ITEM ONE: A lion head MASK carved from Vicenza stone, approx 17ins high and drilled for a fountain spout. Just beginning to colour down and lichen up. ITEM TWO:...

Two White Marble Chimneypieces

Stolen from London, UK on 2 June 2004 White 1830s. marble fireplace surrounds with "bulls eye" endblocks, two vertical lines to the uprights. Dimensions: First fireplace: 46" high, 57" wide. Second fireplace: 45.5" high, 57" wide.
  • ID: 19314
  • Location: UK > London East

Bronze Stag

STOLEN from Yeovil between 30 April 2004 - 03 May 2004. Bronze statue of a stag - approximately 4 feet long by 2 feet high, cemented into a plinth - plinth was damaged in order to steal the statue.
  • ID: 19313
  • Location: UK > Somerset
  • Category: STATUARY

Crucifix Silver Altar Cross

Stolen from Ealing, London West UK on 20 May 2004. A unique SILVER ALTAR CROSS, 22ins high, made from hallmarked silver probably 1933 or 34, marked with the emblem of St Thomas - a builders square and three spears on...
  • ID: 19312
  • Location: UK > London West
  • Category: Shop, Pub, Church, Telephone Boxes & Bygones

Sundial And Pedestal

Stolen from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, UK on 24 May 2004. A bronze SUNDIAL on a stone PEDESTAL, probably limestone, older than 1901, approx 50ins high to the dial plate with the gnomon a further 10ins higher, the octagonol bronze...

Lead Fountain

STOLEN from Bristol,UK on 1 May 2004 Small lead "hush-boy" fountain. The boy has his finger to his mouth, obviously saying "shhh" to the bird resting on the dish. It is about 18 inches across the dish & about 12...
  • ID: 19310
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: GARDEN


Stolen from the South Hams area in September 2003. Metal gates 16ft wide, 7 1/2 ft at their highest point. The upright sections had spearhead designs on them.
  • ID: 19309
  • Location: UK > Devon
  • Category: Architectural METALWORK

Brass Armillary Sundial And Stone Plinth

Stolen from Hertford, Hertfordshire, UK on 25 March 2004. A brass armillary SUNDIAL with a verdigris finish, approx 45cm diameter, engraved with THOU BY THE DIALS SHADY STEALTH MAYST KNOW TIMES THIEVISH PROGRESS TO ETERNITY. The sundial was set on...

Decorative Fireplace

Stolen from Magheralin, Co. Down, Northern Ireland at the end of March 2004. A white-ish FIREPLACE with same circular decoration on jambs as along frieze. Approx height 53ins, approx width 70ins.
  • ID: 19307
  • Location: UK > Co Down

Copper Pots

STOLEN from the Langport area of Somerset on 19th March 2004. Two large copper pots - similar in shape to an old milk churn but with tilting lid & handle at the back.
  • ID: 19306
  • Location: UK > Somerset
  • Category: GARDEN
Results 109 to 126 of 255 items found