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Statuary, Fountains, Pots & Urns

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A Set Of Octagonal Planters

A very nice set of octagonal garden planters. Three available. Dimensions: 24" diameter x 23.5" high

Large Female Garden Statue

A large reproduction female garden statue and plinth. It has ornate designs throughout featuring, fruits and pottery. Dimensions: 71" high x 22" wide x 15.5" deep

Pair Of Sandstone Planters

This is a very nice pair of sandstone planters. They are in great condition and would be a nice addition once planted to your garden. Dimensions: 21" diametre 29" high

Reconstituted Stone River God Statue On Plinth

An impressive statue of a 'River God' in reconstituted stone. This statue would be excellent ornamentation around a garden pond. The statue is shown atop a classical plinth decocrated with acanthus leaves. Overall height with plinth: 1700mm high

Stone Bagatelle Urns On Doulton Plinths

A delightfully traditional stone Bagatelle urn sat atop a detailed Doulton plinth. The urn has a classical shape and features ornate acanthus leaf decoration as well as horned masks each side creating decorative handles. The plinth has a refined design...

Short Basket Weave Urns

A terracotta colour basket weave urn with a tapered shape and diagonal rope edging around the rim.We have several in stock 16" high x 20" wide (tapering to 12" wide at the base)

Tall Basket Weave Pots

A tall terracotta colour basket weave urn with trim details at the top and bottom.We have several in stock 26" high x 21" wide (tapering to 15" wide at the base)

Large Weave Basket Pots

These tall terracotta colour weave basket pots have decorative rims with a cross hatch design and an attractive, tapering shape. 22" high x 24" wide (tapering to 17" wide at the base)

Rope Top Weave Basket Urns

Terracotta effect urns with a weave basket design. The pots have an attractive, tapering shape and a twisted rope style rim. 17" high x 23" wide (tapering to 14" wide at the base)

Huntress Statue On Pedestal

A large stone statue of a huntress, or Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt. The statue sits on an ornate pedestal decorated with acanthus leaf and floral designs. Pair available. Height 1.8metres Also pictured with a Hunter statue, listed...

Large Stone Hunter Statue

A statue of a hunter with a dog at his heels. This large stone statue is ideal for the garden or as a grand ornament inside. The statue sits on a decorative pedestal with acanthus leaves and floral decoration. Pair...

Tapered Weave Basket Urn

A traditional style pot with a weave basket design. This terracotta colour urn has an elegantly tapered design and features lattice work design and a detailed rim. 22 1/2" wide tapering to 13" at the bottom 14" high One pair...

Weave Basket Urns

A pair of large terracotta colour urns or pots with a traditional weave basket design and detailing to the rim. These urns are ideal for planting or simply attractive garden decoration. 19" wide x 20 1/2" high

Reconstituted Stone Neptune's Head Wall Fountain

A small but majestic water feature in reconstituted stone. These wall fountains are made to a design of the head of the Roman god of freshwater and the Sea, Neptune. The stone wall fountain has an attractive weathered look and...

Large Decorative Stone Vase

This antique style, large stone vase has intricate, ornate decoration including acanthus leafs, horned masks and floral swags. An impressive and ornate item for the garden. 65" high x 45" wide

A Pair Of Large Stone Pharaoh Garden Ornament

A pair of large stone pharaoh ornament for the garden. 36" high

Pair Of Large Lion Statues

A pair of grand and striking lion statues in reconstituted stone. These regal lions are perfect for flanking an entrance or driveway, or giving an impressive finishing touch to a garden. They stand 1.4m tall x 1.1m long x 60cm...

Acanthus Leaf Fountain On Plinth

A grand and majestic water fountain in reconstituted stone. The fountain has detailed acanthus leaf detailing on the base and rim, as well as attractive fluting to the spout. 67" high
Results 1 to 18 of 98 items found