Architectural salvage, reclaimed materials and garden antiques in UK, USA, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. Architectural antiques, doors, fireplaces, ironwork, lighting, radiators, windows, stained glass and more.

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Medina Sandstone Curbing

$20-25 LF
This reclaimed curbing has so many applications. It can be used for curbing, driveway edges, steps, retaining walls and so many more landscape and restoration applications. The used material is 4-6' in length, 5-6" thick and comes in both straight...

Sandstone Cobbles And Curbing

$7/Sq Ft and $25/LF
These are reclaimed antique sandstone street cobbles and the matching sandstone curbing. Over 150 years old. Cobbles are 6 1/2" deep x 4-6" wide x 6-14" long. The cobbles come palletized ready to use. The curbing is 4'-6' long x...

Jumbo Granite Cobblestones

$8/Sq Ft
These reclaimed historic granite cobblestones were reclaimed form an upstate NY city street and are over 200 years old. The granite was imported as ballast in ships from Europe. The cobbles are 4-5" wide x 10-16" long and 6-8" deep....
Results 1 to 3 of 3 items found