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Antique Dalle De Bourgogne, Dalle De Bourgogne Floors

on request
ANTIQUE DALLE DE BOURGOGNE, Dalle de Bourgogne Flooring, Reclaimed Limestone Flooring, reclaimed french stone floors, flooring, Reclaimed From Antique French FarmHouses, Shipping International, for all other information send us an email or call the phone

Antique Dalle De Bourgogne, Dalle De Bourgogne, Reclaimed French Stone Floors

on request
ANTIQUE DALLE DE BOURGOGNE, Dalle de Bourgogne, reclaimed French stone floors, reclaimed from Antique French FarmHouses,They are sold perfectly restored, ready to be shipped all over the world, for other photos and information, our team of experts will be at...

Wall Fountain Style Antique Provence, Provencal Stone Fountain

£ 7.600
Wall Fountain Antique Provençal Style in Stone entirely handmade, reclaimed and cleaned by hand, this fountain has been designed and created by hand, it is a unique piece (there are no equal copies), height about 170 cm, width 100 cm...

Antique Dalle De Bourgogne, Antique Stone Floors, French Limestone Floors

130 £ square yard
ANTIQUE DALLE DE BOURGOGNE, Antique stone floors, reclaimed french stone floors, This is Authentic reclaimed of a 16th Century Castle, the surface is very worn down by the centuries, the dimensions are variable, about 40 x 30 cm / 50...

Antique Reclaimed Stone Stairs

on request
Stock of 35 Antique Reclaimed Stone Stairs, the dimensions are about 140 cm length x 35 cm depth x 6 cm thick, ( 55" x 14" x 2,4" thickess ) we cut the stone in excess, reduced the thickness to...
  • ID: 21993
  • Location: Italy > Toscana (Tuscany)
  • Type: Antique / Reclaimed

Antique Dalle De Bourgogne, 17 Th Century

on request
Stock 130 sqmt ( 1400 sft ) Antique dalle de Bourgogne, Reclaimed stone floors, Antique French stone floors, Reclaimed Antique French Farmhouses age 17 th Century, Random size, very large dimensions around 90 x 70 cm , ( 35" x...

Reclaimed Floors From Antique Castle 16Th Century

€ 9.500,00
Stock of 60 sqmt ( 645 sft ) Reclaimed Floors from Antique Castle 16th Century,in very hard tufa cut by hand, it has a very beautiful light brown patina, the original thickness of about 7 cm ( 2.8") , we...

Antique Dalle De Bourgogne Flooring

on request
Antique dalle de Bourgogne flooring, Reclaimed French Stone flooring, this floor originally has a variable thickness of about 10 cm, we have cut the thickness to about 3 cm (1.2 ") random size for other information and photos on request.

Antique Dalle De Bourgogne

on request
Antique Dalle De Bourgogne, Reclaimed stone floors, flooring Opus Roman we have reduced the thickness to about 3 cm (1,2") thickness, This is Antique Stone Floors, Reclaimed from Antique French Farmhouses, Shipping International.

Antique Cabochons Flooring

on request
Antique Cabochons flooring, stock of approximately 50 m2 This is an Antique Cabochon, floor of octagonal shape 33 cm (12.8 inc.) in pierre de Bourgogne and square insert of 13 cm ( 5 inc. ) in black marble from Belgium...Reclaimed...

Reclaimed French Flagstone Flooring

on request
Antique reclaimed french stone flooring ( second cut ) this is Authentic Reclaimed Limestone, Remaining after the first cut, are hand-reworked for a soft look, Random size (Opus Roman ) about 2 cm thickness, (08 inc),limited availability, For all availability...

Encaustic Tiles

Large quantity of encaustic tiles

Italian Chessboard Carrara & Black Slate

make your offer...
Italian Carrara ( B.P.) & Black Slate Chessboard(second cut)in Carrara marble and black Slate, Antique hand, size: 40cm x 40cm, 20mm Thick Stock 40m2, Visible our Warehouses to Forte dei Marmi Via G.B.Vico 63 - (Tuscany) Italy Call.+39-(0)584-876341 Materials: Carrara...

Recycled Cabochons Floor

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ANTIQUE CABOCHONS FLOORS, materials: Antique Pierre de Bourgogne ad Antique Tarracotta, Wonderful Floor Cabochons Dimension:40x40cm (15,8") and small piece 10x10 cm (3,9"), Available immediately in Wooden crates Fumigated (Shipping USA) Visible in Forte dei Marmi (LU) Via G.B. Vico 63,...

Antique Reclaimed Cabochons Floors

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Antique Cabochons Flooring Reclaimed Burgundy stone and green marble, age 18th Century. Size :33 mm x 33 mm,(13,2") 30mm thickness (1,2") Visible in stock in Forte dei Marmi Via G.B.Vico 63 - (Tuscany) Italy , Call +39-(0)584-876341 Materials: Antique Dalle...

Antique French Cabochons Flooring

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Reclaimed Cabochons Flooring Antique Cabochons floors, french limestone flooring, Material: Antique Pierre de Bourgogne and Antique terracotta, Size: Stone 40x40cm ( 15,5") and Terracotta 10x10 cm, (4"), Visible in our Showrooms in Forte dei Marmi Via G.B.Vico 63 ( Tuscany...

Antique Pierre De Bourgogne ( Third Cut ) Coating

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Antique Pierre de Bourgogne ( third cut ) coating Stock 250 m2 (2690 sft) 5 cm thick (2"), Available in Wood Crates Fumigate for Shipping USA

Antique Terracotta Floor Tile

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Antique Reclaimed terra cotta floor tiles Reclaimed Terracotta Floors tiles Features: Antique Terracotta flooring , Floors tiles of color salmon colored terracotta. size: 13.4 inc and 1,2 inc thickness Stock 10m2 ( 116 sft ) Stock Visible to Forte dei...
Results 1 to 18 of 56 items found