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Antique Curiosities & Knick Knacks

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Pair Of Vintage Reclaimed Barbers Chairs

£495 pair
Pair of identical Barber/Dentist Chairs recently reclaimed from a local Museum Storage lock-up. Top Quality Chairs with all parts present and working. Metalwork sound although Upholstery has seen better days and will probably need replacing! Nevertheless, these are Quality Chairs...

Tampa Theater Seats

As usual Schiller Salvage is on the front lines saving every bit of history we can! The Tampa Theater is currently going through a renovation project and we were invited to help salvage a few memorable pieces. Most notably are...
  • ID: 18859
  • Location: USA > Florida
  • Type: Antique / Reclaimed

Vintage Style Post Office Red Post Box

A great item, this vintage style Post Office letterbox is a reproduction of an iconic British item. The bright red post box has gold lettering and comes with two brass keys for the front opening. We have ER and GR...

Antique Cast Iron Griffin

£275 inc. VAT
An antique sculpture of a griffin in cast iron. This stunning piece of early twentieth century metalwork features intricate and highly stylised casting of the classical Greek mythological creature. The detail of the piece has been highlighted through its black...

Vintage Fire Buckets

£95 inc. VAT each
We have a number of these vintage metal fire buckets. These 'pillar box' red buckets each feature a 'FIRE' label that has been stamped onto one side in black paint, as well as a metal handle. The peeling original red...

Antique Victorian Retailer's Scales

£1200 inc. VAT
Antique Victorian retail scales in polished iron. These incredibly decorative nineteenth century scales were manufactured by William Parnall of Bristol, who initially created weights and measures in 1820 before expanding into shop keeping equipment and shop fittings. Due to the...

Antique Art Deco Bronze Sculpture

£395 inc. VAT
An antique Art Deco statue in bronze and marble. This beautiful statue features two Alsatian dogs sculpted from bronze into an 'alert' pose, in keeping with their guard dog reputation. The two dogs, arranged in both a standing and laying...

Original Painting By Fred Zeller, 1946

£1800 inc. VAT
An original oil painting signed by French artist Fred Zeller and dated 1946. The painting is in an attractive carved wooden frame. 52cm height x 43cm width x 4cm depth. Dimensions are approximate.

Antique Copper And Brass Saute Pan

£240 inc. VAT
An antique saute pan in copper and brass. This pan is an excellent example of the extremely high quality of kitchenware being produced for large residential or commercial kitchens at the turn of the 20th century. The pan is one...

Antique Brass Automatic Sprinkler Gauge

£48 inc. VAT
An antique automatic sprinkler gauge in brass. This sprinkler gauge is a wonderful example of the iconic sprinkler gauges that were produced by the manufacturer Mather & Platt Ltd, Park Works, Manchester. This is a company that was established in...

A Pair Of Antique Copper Pails

£300 inc. VAT each
A pair of antique copper pails. These attractive copper pails, or buckets, have been made from thick sheets of copper that have then been beaten into shape. Each pail has its original copper handle attached. Dimensions of each pail: 12"/...

Antique Polished Copper Cooking Pot

£450 inc. VAT
An antique polished copper cooking pot. This large pot would have been created through beating thick sheets of copper into shape. This pot has two solid copper handles attached to the piece and has been given a polished finish. Dimensions:...

Antique Carved Mahogany Overdoor Pediment

£78 inc. VAT
An original antique overdoor pediment in mahogany with a decorative Arts & Crafts style carved design. A charming piece to add an attractive finishing touch to a period room. 18cm high x 108cm wide x 2cm thick

Antique Costermonger's Wooden Cart

£1350 inc. VAT
An antique costermonger's wooden cart. This charming piece of London history is a beautiful example of a greengrocer's (or costermonger's) cart, which would have been used to transport and sell fruit and vegetables around the city. Such carts would have...

Antique Silver Plated Toast Rack

£96 inc. VAT
An original antique silver plated toast rack. This highly stylised toast rack dates to the first quarter of the twentieth century. Its decorative design is based on the distinctive shape of a Venetian gondola. The piece has been stamped with...

Vintage Wooden Toy Jeep

£72 inc. VAT
An utterly charming vintage wooden toy car. This painted wooden 'pull-along' jeep has a characterfully worn appearance, with some of its original dark green paint having worn off. The wheels and workings of the toy car are in good condition...

Original Vintage 1940S Telephone

£150 inc. VAT
A beautiful original vintage telephone from the 1930s or 1940s. This black 232L model, known as a 'Pyramid' design, has an attractive stainless alphanumeric rotary dial as well as a pull out drawer to house a telephone number card. Whilst...

Original Vintage 1960S Telephone

£60 inc. VAT
A fantastic vintage telephone from the 1960s. This 706F edition, part of the 700 series, has been hailed by GPO (General Post Office) as one of the first 'modern' telephones to become commercially available in the UK. The telephone has...
Results 1 to 18 of 80 items found