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U.S.A. Fire Hydrant; 4 way- feature/reconstruction

p.o.a. please

This large, heavy old fashioned fire hydrant from somewhere in the United States - we have a partner for it stamped as `Property of the City of Philadelphia Fire Department` so possibly they share the same origins.

This weighs around a ton and could be converted to become an ostentatious, impressive water feature, or could even be restored for pseudo-realistic use in a themed garden, adventure park, public display etc.

Price on application as delivery arrangements will vary depending on area.

  • ID646
  • Business Name:Romsey Reclamation Ltd
  • Contact Name:Trevor Halfacre
  • Contact: UK > Hampshire
    Awbridge Oak Tree Farm Dunbridge Lane SO51 0GQ
    01794 342252
  • WebRomsey Reclamation Ltd
  • Location: UK > Hampshire
  • Category: Shop, Pub, Church, Telephone Boxes & Bygones

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