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Panga Panga Door With Black Glass Panels

£ 500

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The reclaimed mid-century door, is solid panga panga with black glazed panels. We have several doors of the same design, including a large and impressive set of double doors and others with clear or frosted glass. This particular door is a single door (both sides are shown in the main image). The well made and very heavy door has wonderful patination and grain to the rich panga panga timber. The black glass is gloss to one side, whilst matt on the other, providing complete privacy. Dimensions: Overall Height 233.5cm Overall Width 59cmDepth: 5.5cmDimensions are approximate.

  • Item ID: 36574
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: LUIGI
  • Date of listing: 14-12-2022

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