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Antique Late 17th Early 18th Century Beaded Oak Panels

£ 3600

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Reclaimed, Antique oak panels in various sizes. A rare batch of late 17th Century oak panelling. As you would expect for timber of this age, the pieces have a deep rich colour and patina that can only be gained over hundreds of years of sustained use. There are a few cutouts for sockets and there have been adaptations and alterations in the past. There are a couple of broken joints and areas that need some attention. There are some additional pieces of trim and spares.

Dimensions: 158cm Wide X 250cm Tall 71cm Wide X 250cm Tall 63cm Wide X 250cm Tall 51cm Wide X 250cm Tall 22cm Wide X 250cm Tall15cm Wide X 250cm Tall
As a reference, the panels on the larger piece are 26cm x 45cm
Dimensions are approximate.
Being sold as a lot and not to be sold separately.

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  • Date of listing: 15-03-2022

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