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Pair Available: Reclaimed Solid Oak Sideboard | Console Table | Bar Counter | Co

£ 850

We have a matching pair of these extremely versatile units available.Flanked by carved roundels to each side and ornate detailing to the doors and base. Crafted from solid oak, the piece can be used to conceal radiators or air conditioning units as they have the grilled vent section to the top.They also make for an excellent sideboard or console table. Due to the back currently being hollow they would also provide a counter/bar/reception surface.We have 2 of these units available (BELGIUM & AMSTERDAM )Price it per unit.DimensionsOverall: 146.5cm W x 53cm D x 92cm H  Dimensions are Approximate

  • Item ID: 34520
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: BELGIUM
  • Date of listing: 8-02-2022

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