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Impressive Reclaimed Arched Fireplace Insert

£ 1200

Large and impressive, this reclaimed Victorian style fireplace insert offers a grand addition to a fireplace renovation.Ornate detailing frames the arched opening whilst decorative motifs flank the 2 bar integral basket - these elements, including the basket bars have been polished to reveal a silver finish which compliments the rich black of the rest of the piece.The substantial size allows this grate to work with larger fireplace surrounds including arched chimneypieces. The classic arched fireplace insert is a design typical of the Victorian period and is an excellent option for those looking to install original features to a period renovation. Dimensions101cm W x 96cm H  Dimensions are approximate

  • Item ID: 34222
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: MATILDA
  • Date of listing: 8-01-2022

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