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Mid-Century Mahogany Alternating Tread Steps | Space Saving Attic Ladder

£ 2500

A rare find, these original mid-century steps have alternating treads that provide a space-saving solution.  Deep in colour with rich patina from years of sustained use, the stairs provide a functional and attractive ladder solution.Alternating step staircases are suitable for loft conversions. The building regulations state that space-saving staircases are accepted if you don't have enough room for a conventional 42-degree pitch staircase. Please refer to the most recent regulations to ensure that the piece is suitable for your project. Dimensions (see images for clarity)Overall With of Ladder - 62cmTread 24cm deepest x 12cm narrowestDepth (when in place) 223cmOverall Height 337cmHeight 323cm to top treadDimensions are approximate

  • Item ID: 34217
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: CHAPLIN
  • Date of listing: 8-01-2022

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