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DEMOLITION ALERT: Large quantity of red granite. Trade buyers only

Trade buyers sought for truckloads of mixed lengths of red granite.

Section size: 75mm x 240mm.
Two lengths: 745mm and 1400mm
Weight: approx 30kgs and 60kgs each
*Embodied carbon: 6kgsCO2e and 12kgsCO2e
Quantity: unknown, but probably around 3,000 pieces
Some faces are honed and some are polished.
They are secured to the facade with a metal rod, so there is a 25mm diameter hole drilled into the narrow edge.
The origin of the granite is not confirmed but might be Portuguese.

These blocks of granite are fixed to the external facade of a large office block.
Dismantling will be undertaken by the demolition contractor.

The building owner and demolition company are open to the idea of reclamation but there is a time and cost involved.
Adam Hills offered to help promote a sale on behalf of the client and demolition contractor.
Retrouvius is interested in encouraging large scale reclamation and reuse, but has no financial interest in the material advertised.
Please contact Adam Hills 07778 210855 in the first instance.

- - - - -
*CO2e by Salvo futuREuse. Data sources include 'Embodied Carbon in Natural Building Stone in Scotland' 2010 Historic Scotland, 'ICE v3.0' 2021 Circular Ecology, and 2021 UK Gov figures for 1990
- - - - -

Salvo encourages the reclamation and reuse of large scale modern demolition salvage

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