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Reclaimed Beech Large Trestle Tables

£ 550

We have 6 of these large trestle tables available Beech tables in solid beech. These substantial tables were originally used as utility tables and each piece still has interesting graffiti and colourful paint left on their surfaces.Each trestle offers another small level perfect as a small storage option. There is also a circular hole perfect for a coffee cup or paintbrush holder.The tables would be ideal as shop counters and fittings, as well as kitchen surfaces, a contemporary dining table or the perfect surface for art and crafting.We have six of these tables available- each of these are being sold individually.Dimensions198cm Length x 92cm WideHeight 83cmDimensions are approximate

  • Item ID: 32437
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: TUT3
  • Date of listing: 21-04-2021

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