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Reclaimed original London Board - pine floorboards

£ 65 per sq m

Quantity in stock: 260

Original “London” Floorboards reclaimed from Bow Street Magistrates Court in the heart of London’s Covent Garden. All boards are 175mm wide x 28mm thick with a Central Crown Row and Quarter Sawn edges. We sell "as is" for £65.00/m2. We have over 7000 other original floorboards, all very good quality at much reduced prices.

The “London Board” was a very particular specification used only in the best houses in London. The boards were the first cut or yield from a tree. Each board MUST show a Central Crown Row down its centre, with straight Quarter Sawn grain to either side. This grain cut ensured the boards were inherently, naturally stable, so would not twist or warp when installed.  

Bow Street Magistrates Court was built in 1881. It has held and dealt with the likes of Oscar Wilde, The Pankhurst’s, Dr.Crippen, The Kray Twins and General Pinochet. These are the Original Top Quality Floorboards laid in 1881.

We kiln-dry every board we sell. Our signature service is retaining the original age, texture and patina on the old faces of the boards. This is done by Hand DA Sanding each board individually (at an extra cost). See our website for more information about our Hand Sanding and Textured surfaces, www.antiquewoodenfloors.co.uk.

Quantity available: 260m2

Contact: sales@antiquewoodenfloors.co.uk or call on Declan 07774 91217

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