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Reclaimed french oak from 1952

£ 2,000 per cu m

Quantity in stock: 280

French oak reclaimed from barrels used at the vodka factory for aging spirit.
That oak has been cut down in 1952 and the barrels have been built. For over 30 years they were used for aging spirit and then in the late 1980s the barrels were emptied and remained so until this day.
This wood is perfect for furniture making, worktops, flooring... there are many ways to use it.
After dismantling the barrels we have beams 2 meters long, with thickness of 60-65 mm and wide from 7-8 cm to 20 cm.
Timber humidity that has been outside for a year is 12-13%, the one kept indoor is 8%.
Samples are available.

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