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Super-Ellipse "Rosewood" Table by Piet Hein (Bruno Mathsson) Fritz Hansen Denmark


Are you the tasteful, passionate, artistic type, who isn’t just looking to furnish the home, but also looking to invest, appreciate and adorn ? Or are you simply looking for a quick fix look and scoff before trashing then moving onto the next trend ?<br><br>

Since it’s inception back in the 50s the supercircle, quickly evolved to a "Super-Ellipse table " with a range of sizes and finishes on offer and a number of designers & producers staking claim to license then manufacture. It all now looks like a plate of spaghetti which has seen it’s ideal along with elements of it’s form, copied, interpreted then rehashed again and again. The look, or modern reproductions, are still in production today. Look-alike components for DIY’ers, can even be found down the back of large hardware stores. No shame in that. Quick quick, bish bosh, do for now.<br><br>

However, what we have here is a quite rare Rosewood example of an early Fritz Hansen run,1968–1974. All in very pleasing, surprisingly good original, unspoilt condition. All in a sizeable, at least eight seater form. From the dining room, to the open market. Honest and easy to the palate. A joy to the eye. What price art ?<br><br>

Condition in brief: Got the look of having spent it’s time in the right home, being appreciated whilst used for purpose, then cleaned along with the proud home weekly. No doubting it’s original sass, these days a certain calm has descended in the gentle distressing and fading of time.<br><br>

Rosewood now has less stripe, more of that even, gentle graduation of nutty brown with strong distinctive rosewood grain running through it. The finish with minor scuffing and expected light distressing across the surface. Three central shadows from ornaments (view more as charm). Legs all good, with good lustre to the chrome. Minor running repairs found in the form of some later packed screw holes of two of the brackets. These are more a sign someone cared. One replaced screw.<br><br>

The table has been cared for, protected and enjoyed. Cleaned along with the home. The presentation is as any dealer, lover or enthusiast would want to find. No real issues. <br><br>

More info & images on request. Contact Rob, email or tel, Manchester 0161 928 4470 <br><br>

Dimensions:H 70cm W 240cm D 120cm

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