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To CONTACT AN ADVERTISER use the listed phone number or website. If none is shown you have to login or register to send a message to that advertiser.

To CONTACT SALVO use the button below. This will not send a message to an advertiser.

Self-builders using SalvoWEB

Brief explanation of the Salvo websites
There are three main trading sites:
1. SalvoWEB is for dealers
2. Wants and Offers is for DIYers
3. SalvoMIE is for scrap material
All three sites can be used by self-builders. This page shows how self-builders might use these sites

Use SalvoWEB.com for buying and sourcing materials from DEALERS
To find architectural salvage, garden antiques and reclaimed building materials, or new and reproduction materials that might be available at salvage yards or showrooms, use SalvoWEB.
STEP ONE: Try a keyword search in the 'search for' box on SalvoWEB.com (use a single word is like 'fire' or 'brick'). On the results page the advertiser's email address is never shown. This is to protect users email addresses from being trawled by spammer. To send an email you must first register or log in.
If there are no results try . . .
STEP TWO: Go to the Salvo online directory for your country and region and see if you can find an appropriate business.
If you cannot then . . .
STEP THREE: Raise an ad. Register or log in then choose 'Create an ad' on the control panel. Choose the second radio button which says 'Salvo! Wanted'. Then complete the form, add an illustration if you need to find a match, and send a test email to yourself to make sure the ad is OK. You can then edit the ad to alter it and test it again. Then click the 'send (make this ad live)' button. At this point an ad will appear under the want ads on Salvo AND simultaneously the ad will be sent by email to hundreds of dealers. If they have what you are looking for they will respond.

Use WantsandOffers.com for buying and sourcing materials from other self-builders, DIYers or homeowners
To find materials that other self-builders may have left over from jobs they are doing try searching or browsing the ads on Wants and Offers.com or follow STEP THREE above and create your own ad. These ads appear on the Wants and Offers web site and are also emailed to dealers and others who have asked to receive them, presumably because they may have what is being sought. Typically, items on the Wants and Offers site are low value, normally less than GBP100, $150, Eu150, antique or reclaimed or high value modern secondhand materials - like . For higher value antique and reclaimed items use the SalvoWEB site and for free, scrap or very low value items use the Salvo Materials Information Exchange.

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